Microsoft Outlook 2007 repair to fix PST corruption issues
PST files in Outlook acts as a repository to store emails, appointments, contacts, notes, journals, tasks and all other personal data. But you can store your important data in Outlook files only to a limited extent as it has certain filesize limitation. Actually, Outlook 2002 and earlier versions has PST filesize of 2GB whereas version 2003 and above can store PST objects up to 20 GB. But you might face oversized PST issues when the overall PST filesize starts exceeding 4GB and thenthere arises a great need to split oversized PST as earlier as possible.

After Outlook 2007 files gets oversized, you will face a number of problems when using Outlook application like:

  • Unable to send/receive or access mails
  • Any outlook operations including copying, exporting,deleting, searching gets denied
  • You might face slow & sluggish Outlook performance issues
  • PST files gets inaccessible at times

All the above problems indicates you that PST files has exceeded its filesize limitation and thus you need to split Oversized PST immediately. Following this, a number of errors indicating oversized PST issues is displayed on the screen like Outlook.pst can not be accessed – 0x80040116, Errors have been detected in the file . Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool,Can't move the items. Could not complete the operation etc

So, to fix these errors and to make large volume files smaller, PST Repair tool is the solution to go for.


Few extraordinary features of this software are:

  • It is especially meant to split large sized Outlook 2007 files to smaller partitions

  • Split process is done on the basis of various criterias like email address, date, time or file, folder size

  • Works with almost all versions of Outlook like MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, XP and 2000

  • Involved process is carried out in read only mode without making modifications in the original file

So, just download trial version of Split PST tool to split oversized PST files easily without making much effort to further access them.


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" Thanks so much guys. PST Repair tool has greatly helped me to repair corrupt PST files and also helped me to restore all my important items. "

Richard Miller, NY