Split 4GB PST files to make them usable
Outlook comes up in several versions and the filesize of PST files differs with the version. Outlook 2002 or earlier versions support 2Gb PST file size limit whereas 2003 and above versions have Unicode formats with 20 GB filesize limit. But you start facing problems a number of problems when the PST files crosses 4GB such as:
  • Improper functioning of Outlook
  • PST files as well as its items gets inaccessible
  • PST files as well as its items gets inaccessible
  • Synchronization with Exchange server cannot be performed
  • Slow outlook performance issues and yo will not be able to perform any Outlook related tasks including sending/receiving
  • Various error messages are shown during PST file access

To get rid of the above situations and its related errors, you need to split 4GB PST file which can be performed by following these solutions:

PST Crop tool is an inbuilt utility of Outlook that works to truncate the file by a specified value and help you in cutting down the size of oversized PST files. But limitation with this tool is that it can delete few of the PST items during process.

You can also use an external utility named as pst2gb.exe offered by Outlook as a makeshift which truncates files with 2GB and thus restores the inaccessible files to usable state. To use it, simply download it from the Microsoft Download Center. But while using this tool, you can face the problems of data loss.

Considering the limitations of the above crop tool discussed, the best possible option is to use PST Repair tool which is capable to split 4GB PST files into smaller usable files so that you can use them without any problems.


  • Performs the splitting process on the basis of date, time, mail ID , folders

  • Using this tool, you have the option to split multiple number of files at a time

  • Support all versions of Outlook

  • Splitting is done regardless of the file size limit

  • Easy to use Interface does not require much of your technical knowledge and completes the process only in few simple steps

So, without waiting a lot just make use of PST Repair tool to get rid of oversized Outlook PST files and restore them in usable state easily.


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" Thanks so much guys. PST Repair tool has greatly helped me to repair corrupt PST files and also helped me to restore all my important items. "

Richard Miller, NY